Patient Testimonials

  • 17th September 2018

    I was referred to Dr Balaji after my MIR showed a bad L5S1 disc herniation. He went through the scan with me and explained it in a way that's easy to understand. He went through all of the potential risks of the surgery and I felt in control of any decisions to do with my back. He recommended a disctectomy with decompression. He was upfront and said it won't necessarily improve back pain but should get rid of the sciatica. I was able to ask questions.

    Ten weeks later, I had my operation at St Albans. He came to see me in the morning to reiterate what he was planning to do allowing me opportunity to ask further questions. I woke up from my surgery with no sciatic pain. He came in to check on me in the evening and informed me that it was an uncomplicated procedure. It's been nearly 3 weeks since my surgery and I've not had any sciatic pain since plus my wound is healing nicely.

    I'm extremely happy with my experience with Dr Balagi. I was worried about having surgery as two family members have had back operations which resulted in complications (down south) so I was concerned. I couldn't find any recent reviews online either but I needn't to have worried! So far so good and I'm looking forward to resuming back to normal life!

    21st June 2015

    I was seen in as an outpatient at Wgh, my apt was on time. The consultant was extremely helpful and explained my diagnosis, also shown the results of the MRI scan, making my problems easier to understand. I was referred to the appropriate consultants very quickly and now getting the appropriate treatment. I feel very lucky I was seen by this consultant and he got things moving so fast. Very grateful

  • July 2019

    “She was pleasant, listened well, was approachable and professional.”

    July 2019

    “Miss Amir once the problem was detected she was most helpful in achieving a successful outcome. Miss Amir is an easy person to talk to and bring up concerns.”

    July 2019

    “Friendly, caring. Helpful and understanding especially with the added complication of my Parkinson's. Miss Amirthanayagam explained everything clearly, showed me photos she'd taken inside my shoulder joint. She has been very quick to arrange ultrasound/ steroid injection because of the pain I am experiencing because of a re-tear and considerable inflammation. For which I am grateful.

    June 2019

    “Very friendly welcoming professional and knowledgeable.”

    March 2019

    “Dr Amir was superb in every way.”

    January 2019

    “Professional, very competent, explained everything clearly and easily. Very calm lady and made me feel calm too.”

    January 2019

    “Carefully explained everything to me, including showing me the pictures of my scan et cetera and showing me what was what. Asked me if I had any questions at every point in the consultation. The consultant made me feel it was important to her to help me as much as possible, and that I was happy with the suggested way forward.”

    December 2018

    “From the first time I met her she was very nice. She arranged the appointments very quickly and the follow up appointments with her were very informative. She made you feel that you were important to her. She came across as a very caring lady.”

    November 2018

    “Well mannered, good listener and was able to put me at ease. Excellent and professional.”

    November 2018

    “Very pleased with how she treated me and explained what my condition was and how to treat the problem. I had all in all very happy with the way I was looked after.”

    August 2018

    “I was very pleased with her explanations towards my operation and the actual operation itself.”

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